Katherine Lockton

is an Anglo Bolivian

poet living in London.

She is co-editor of South Bank Poetry and editor at large at Flipped Eye Publishing. She loves teaching creative writing to young children, teenagers and adults.

“Poetry is healing. When you write you go from being the victim to being the author.”

Facts about Katherine


At a very young age, Katherine fell from a very high window, although poorly remembered, the incident has had a subconscious influence on much of her later work. She frequently finds herself writing about the emotional and intellectual aspects of falling in a spiritual or metaphysical sense.

Her writing is heavily influenced by being bilingual and having a dual heritage and the customs, culture, history, people, and politics of Bolivia. She writes in Spanish and English.


Katherine's work has most recently appeared in The Glasgow Review of Books, Northwords Now, Magma, Poem magazine, The Spectator, PN Review and Ink, Sweat and Tears. She co-edited (with Carlo Pirozzi) an anthology of new Scottish war poems ‘Like Leaves in Autumn’ published by Luath Press.


Katherine is fascinated how the stories we tell ourselves impacts our world. She believes that stories can make a real difference. As a teacher her aim is to create a safe space for her students to create. Her own writing focuses on life and trauma.


Katherine has won a number of awards including the Inaugural International Travel Bursary by The Saltire Society and British Council Scotland, shortlisted for Girton College’s Jane Martin Poetry Prize, and won first place in the Field Poetry Competition judged by Martin Figura.

Katherine and poetry

Katherine studied English and American Literature before deciding to fulfill her life long dream of becoming a poet.

She became interested in poetry from a very young age after discovering her local library's poetry collection. Poetry is important to her as it tells her how to be in the world. Katherine believes the best poems are written when you feel safe. Her classes will make you feel like you are writing with a duvet around you.


Teaching experience and skills


Katherine loves teaching creative writing and has experience teaching young children through to teenagers.

Katherine says that the best thing about teaching is showing people how to let go of everyday life so that they can find creative freedom. She believes that this freedom will allow them to grow in confidence and will also develop their literacy skills, both in terms of reading and writing. This confidence can be applied in all areas of life, but especially in the classroom at school. Creative people make happy people!

Mindfulness and Mediation

Katherine loves to make her writing sessions playful and enjoyable, often using mindfulness and meditation at the beginning of sessions as a means of getting people to relax and focus on the present moment.

She also incorporates drama - both partner and group work as means of improving people's social skills and allowing them to bond with others. This creates a safe space to express themselves orally and on the page, share their written work and grow in confidence.

Public Speaker

Katherine is a public speaker and has talked and lectured creative writing for Chase, Kings College London, UEA amongst other institutions.

"Katherine was kind enough to host a bespoke Poetry workshop for 12 adults in the spirit of team-building and broadening horizons. She was considerate to the fact that many of the group were novices. She was also very well prepared for the session. The workshop was greatly enjoy by all those who participated; it helped to strengthen bonds of friendship and foster common understanding in the group." TED DATTA

South Bank Poetry opens up the arts to those normally marginalised and makes everyone feel included.